The relationship between I.S.T.R.C. “The International Sports Turf Research Center” and the environment has been an ongoing one for over 20 years, beginning in the spring of 1990.  Over these 20+ years the I.S.T.R.C System has evolved to identify, and quantify the physical properties of Sports Turf.  The I.S.T.R.C. System is the most precise system in the world for measuring the physical properties of sports turf. 

The knowledge obtained from I.S.T.R.C. working with primarily Golf Courses [over 2,000] & Athletic Fields from around the world has allowed the sports turf industry to become proactive when it comes to its agricultural practices rather than reactive, and in so doing has in most cases reduced the use of chemicals and water for those facilities that were able to implement the procedures dictated by the science of physical properties. 

ISTRC and The Environment
  1. Quantify the physical properties that we should try and attain for each of our greens depending on their micro-climate & type of turf.
  2. Plants need oxygen and standing water is not a good thing.  Different ways to supply more oxygen to the plants root system and surface area. 
  3. Most effective agricultural practices for your greens  
  4. The real Dollars​ cost of aerifying.
  5. Topdressing & Watering programs that will allow us to make maximum use of the physical properties presently in each of our greens. 

GCSAA Approved  (1hr  .1 CEU)

     Dave Doherty

               Researcher & Lecturer

During the course of a year I will do between 20 and 30 seminars on the 
“Science of Physical Properties”  and how it applies to everyday use on golf courses & athletic fields.

The seminars

  • can range in length from 45 minutes to 8+ hours.
  • are designed for 1 attendee to 100s’ of attendees.
  • are designed to be able to be broken out to address 1 or more issues for a Golf Course superintendent, General Managers, Members of boards and Owners.

The objective of the seminars is to: 

Seminar hourly agenda

8 hour seminar

3.5 hour seminar

1. Soil Properties

2. Solid & Pores

3. Roots & Organic Material

4. Turf Types

1.5 hours.75 hours

5. Organic Material

6. Displacement/ Aerification

1.25 hours .50 hours
7. Real Dollars Cost of aerifying.75 hours.50 hours
8. Break/Lunch1.0 hours

9. Venting

10. Oxigenating Methods & Systems

1.5 hours1.25 hours

11. Micro.Climates

12. Water & Irrigation

1.0 hours.5 hours

13. Topdressing

14. Sand Shapes

15 Binding Agents

.5 hours
16. Questions & Seminar Evaluation.5 hours

In maintaining turf we deal with three identities   [1].
Physical,   [2]. Chemical &  [3]. Biological.  If the PHYSICAL PROPERTIES are not in balance the Chemical & Biological factors cannot function, resulting in increased disease pressures, weaker turf and increased use of chemicals and water.




The Science of Physical Properties in the Real World …..Beyond the Textbooks